Prevent Sexual HarassmentPrevent Sexual Harassment
in the Workplace
Video DVD and E-Learning program on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace
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Prevent Sexual Harassment Prevent Workplace Bullying

Prevent Workplace Bullying:
Employees Video DVD Kit

Formats Available: Video / DVD
Languages Available: English
Video Length: 20 minutes
Target Audience: Employees

Itís all about Respect!

Prevent Bullying and all forms of Harassment in the Workplace

Meet your due diligence by preventing workplace harassment and other inappropriate or illegal behaviour from occurring in your workplace. This 20-minute interactive Canadian bullying and harassment video DVD program explains all forms of workplace harassment prohibited under human rights law.

The program covers:
  • What is a respectful workplace and why is this training so important
  • All the prohibited grounds of harassment under human rights law
  • Workplace bullying
  • Psychological harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • How harassment can turn to violence
  • How domestic violence can spill over into the workplace
  • What constitutes a hostile or toxic workplace
  • What to do if you are experiencing harassment in the workplace
  • Common sense standards for employee conduct
Now available in French

is Key to Bullying &
Harassment Prevention

Prevention is the best tool to eliminate bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Included in this video DVD package are:
  • One 20-minute video/DVD
  • Easy to use leaderís guide
  • Reproducible participant guide
  • Glossary & further references
  • Reproducible scheduling & attendance form
  • Employee quiz
  • Training certificate
Everything needed to present a professional workshop on preventing bullying & harassment in the workplace.




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Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Video DVD and E-Learning program on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace
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