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Your employer is committed to a safe and respectful workplace for all of its employees. To that end, there is no tolerance of any harassing, discriminatory or violent behaviours. This program will introduce you to policies, laws and processes that are in place to protect employees and explain your own responsibilities in these situations.Each of us is responsible for a respectful and safe workplace.

Getting Started

In the course of this program, you will be presented with concepts as well as real-life examples and scenarios that will help pull together your understanding of what it means to be part of a respectful workplace. There will be questions for you to answer and you will have choices to make in certain scenarios and situations.

Course Objectives

When you have completed this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe a respectful and safe workplace & why this training is so important
  • Identify harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and violent behaviours
  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of employees and the employer
  • Differentiate between harassment and non-harassment behaviours
  • Summarize the steps to take if you are being harassed, discriminated against, bullied or threatened with violence
  • Identify ways to create and promote a safe and respectful workplace

The Workplace: Where is it?

The definition of workplace means more than the four walls of a building. Workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence can occur anywhere the business of the company is conducted - this includes places such as social functions, conferences, parking lots, and anywhere outside of the workplace, if the discrimination and harassment has, or could have, workplace repercussions.

Workplace Harassment

The basic legal definition of harassment is: "Unwelcome, unwanted or offensive conduct based on or because of an employee's protected ground of discrimination."

Examples of workplace harassment include:

  • An employee repeatedly addresses coworkers with derogatory comments or stereotypes related to their race or religion. The employee calls a coworker wearing a turban, "Towel Head", calls a Hispanic coworker, "Beaner", and calls a Jewish coworker "Cheap Skate".
  • An employee tries to get a coworker to resign by spreading untrue, malicious gossip about the coworker, because of the coworker’s disability. Often people accused of harassment think that they are being funny or suggest that they are just joking but the fact of the matter is the intentions are irrelevant. The negative impact on the person being harassed and the harmful effects on the workplace are how harassment and its effects are measured.
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is Key to Bullying &
Harassment Prevention

Meet your due diligence by preventing workplace harassment and other inappropriate or illegal behaviour from occurring in your workplace. This 20-minute interactive Canadian bullying and harassment video DVD program explains all forms of workplace harassment prohibited under human rights law.

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Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Video DVD and E-Learning program on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace
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